Tenant Eviction

Tenant Eviction Service only £384 –Over 10 years experience

We will provide you strategic Tenant Eviction advice and act for you for only £384 + court cost.

Step -1

Serving section 8 or 21 notice depends on the case and client requirement.

Step -2

Preparing case and making court application


If bailiff appointment becomes necessary then we will act for you to appoint bailiff to get the property possession for an extra charge of £95 plus court bailiff cost.

Our in-depth property knowledge, expertise and the efficiency of getting positive result helps us getting the repeat instructions and references. We can offer premium services at significantly reduced cost, and save you time in evicting your tenant. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Special offer: Conveyancing / registering your lease or title deed for £395 only plus land registry fee / disbursement.