Lease Extension Valuation

Lease extension valuation

Extending your lease has been a legal right to qualifying leaseholders since 1993 as long as you own it for more than 2 years.

You will be entitle for 90 years extension on top on unexpired terms along with peppercorn (Zero) ground rent.

You can also sell your right to extend your lease to a new purchaser so they don’t have to wait 2 years to qualify.

Exercising the right requires a formal legal notice to be served on the Freeholder and all intermediate landlords.

Over the years we have settled countless cases, many involving highly contentious disputes with large powerful landlords such as the Freshwater group.

Why should I extend the lease NOW?

Because as time progresses the landlords interest will escalate in value, whilst the leaseholders interest will fall in value. Moreover any increase in value due to house price inflation, will as the lease shortens have to be shared disproportionably in the landlords favour.

In the unlikely event that an amicable settlement cannot be reached, if necessary, we will be happily acting as an expert witness at any potential tribunal hearing. We have a wealth of experience in representing clients at the Tribunal.

We are actively providing lease extension valuation service in London and throughout UK.

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