Rent Review & Lease Renewal

Rent Review and Lease renewal

Rents for Commercial properties leases are usually reviewed every 4 or 5 yearly. With our in-depth market knowledge and our regional database, we are best placed to negotiate an optimal rent settlement.

We act for both landlord and tenants to bring best result for our clients.


In many cases, the expiration of a lease can have a similar effect to that of a rent review, in that the tenant may have been paying an out of date rent. The landlord will therefore not be receiving an economic return from the investment.


We as professional valuer bring many aspects of our expertise to rent review and lease renewal negotiations.

We have knowledge of the market, including current trends and rent levels, and will also be aware of modern practice in relevant negotiations. More importantly, we have such information on comparable rental evidence as is available, and will use it to the best advantage of our client. We are aware of up to date case law, and know the potential pitfalls. We put all this knowledge in use while advising our clients.